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    The doors to the well-known pizzeria were closed, the security guard of the week was already taken care of, and you were just tucked into bed. It was finally battle time. Though no one was truly ready, they managed to push their fear aside, for their leader. No, for their generation. Generation B believed they should continue living, it was not their time to leave this world. Generation C considered themselves to be brand spankin' new, they couldn't be obliterated yet! But there would still be endings. And it was time to find out whose.
    The animatronics sternly stared down their counterparts as they awaited their consent to begin their fight. Once the music box ended its gloomy tune, the fight would begin. When it finally came to a stop...
    You began stirring around in your sleep as the sounds of distant crashing and banging filled the dry, chilly air. Your eyes flickered open after the amplifying noises interrupted your sleep. The booming noises were soon accompanied by the sounds of hissing and screaming. You were a bit concerned; what was causing all of this noise now? This happened every night, it seemed, but not this loudly. It seemed to be from a different location than normal, too. Was this to happen every night of you living here? You tried asking the others about it before, but they only blamed it on nightmares you supposedly had. And sometimes Chica would make a lot of noise in the kitchen, maybe it was just her? It sounded like multiple people, though... Well, it's been happening for quite some time now, and they were always okay the next day, perhaps you should go investigate?
    You gripped onto the blanket covering you and stood up from the couch. After gathering your courage, you moved closer to the door, your heart thumping louder after each step. You peeked out of the doorway, and...
    "Hi, [Y/N]!" Your friend BB happily greeted.
    "Eek!" You jumped back, startled by his sudden appearance. “BB, what are you doing here? Are you okay? I hear a lot of scary noises...”
    "Hm? Oh, that... Uh, that's just... the others playing a board game! Yeah! That's it..." BB answered, covering up what was really taking place.
    "Oh, a game! Can I play?" You asked hopefully.
    "Sorry, the game can only hold up to..." He began, counting on his non-existing fingers. "...Ten players. But I could play with you, instead!" He offered, attempting to lead  you back into hiding, out of the way.
    "Okay! What game?" You questioned, not moving from your spot.
   "Um..." Before he could suggest anything, there came a loud crash that seemed uncomfortably close. Turning his head in the noise's direction, he found one fight moving down the hallway, slowly coming closer.
    "We'll decide inside!" BB panicked, shoving you back inside before you could see the fighters.
    Once again, you were sitting on the couch, pondering what to do, while attempting to ignore concerning sounds. At least you had a friend with you. And you were staying up past your bedtime, which was usually enjoyable for a child such as yourself. With no adult supervision, too! Surely it wouldn't be so bad.
    "So... have you decided what to play yet?" You asked eventually, your excitement growing.
    "Hmm... how about--"
    "Such a pathetic fool!" A furious, unsettling voice began, unintentionally silencing BB. You jumped up in alarm, you had never heard such a scary voice! It didn't match anyone you knew, not even Mitchie when she was angry. Who was this new person? Perhaps it was best you didn't know. But BB knew, he knew all too well-- it was the Marionette.
    "You think your second life just happened by chance?" The demonic voice continued, your distress growing so large, you clung onto BB for safety. The voice sounded like it was outside the Cove... it was loud. Judging by his words and the foe he was battling, BB assumed this shouting was directed towards Gold.
    "I gave you this second chance! You should be on my side, not fighting against it!" The voice only grew louder and louder, it seemed. Either something bad indeed was going on, or you only had company over, getting angry over the board game. Now you were glad you weren't able to play. You didn't like scary sore losers.
    "Screw you!" Another voice -- which sounded a lot like Gold -- yelled, followed by another loud crash.
    The scary voice didn't speak again after that, much to your (and BB's, in a way) relief. There were still distant noises continuing, though... But after calming down and choosing games to play, you soon found it easy to ignore them. They were only playing after all... right?
    At last, the fighting was finally over. Generation B -- the toys -- was defeated, leaving Generation C standing in victory. But not without any damage, of course. They earned cuts and tears, lost nuts and bolts, perhaps even a limb or two, but it was really a simple fix. They were just glad every member of their group was still standing.
    "Heh... That wasn't so hard..." Chica chuckled, gazing down at her opponent's broken plastic pieces.
    "Well damn, they weren't that much younger than Gold, and he's ancient..." Bonnie joked, setting down his now-damaged guitar.
    "Hey, I heard that..." Gold returned, smirking.
    "Yeah yeah, I know, they were just sitting in a room, rotting for years--"
    "Wait..." Freddy interrupted, looking concerned. "What about BB?"
    After a silent moment of realization, all ran to the Cove.
    "BB! BB, wake up!" When the animatronics rushed into the room, you were trying to shake your friend awake, who was lying on the floor motionless.
    "[Y/N], what happened?" Bonnie asked urgently.
    "He fell down and then went to sleep!" You answered, beginning to feel annoyed at the fact he wasn't waking up. The animatronics' eyes fell upon his hat and the top of his head, lying disconnected to the rest of his body. Lying beside the hat appeared to be a tiny chip.
     The truth was that BB didn't just fall. You pushed him. But you were only being playful, it was an accident. You shoved him just a bit too hard, causing him to lose his balance. He fell and hit his head against the chest, causing parts to fall off. Being a rather old and outdated robot, things were rotten and loose, so it's no wonder his head broke along with the chip falling out...
    But don't feel guilty. It was an accident, and he would most likely die anyway. Generation C would have had to do away with him to win. But he was in a way your counterpart. You were following the rules.
    You were sitting at a table, sadly eating away at a slice of leftover pizza. It was nice finally being able to sit outside the backstage, you had to admit, but you were still upset. You were just informed that your friend BB went away, along with Fred, Chickadee, Mangle, and Bon. So many others had already left, and now your new friends leave, too. You were always okay with waiting, but it gets a bit sad and lonely after a while. You were really starting to miss everyone that had left... Where was everyone going? You were getting a little scared, would the others leave, too?
    Your thoughts were interrupted by Gold appearing in the seat beside you.
    "Hello." The golden bear greeted softly.
    "Hi." You responded gloomier than your normal self.
    "You seem a little sad." Gold pointed out.
    "Yeah..." You set  your pizza slice down and pushed the plate away.
    "I'm sorry about your friends. I know it isn't easy." He spoke as you laid your head down onto the table.
    "It's okay. They'll come back." You turned your head and gave him a soft, faint smile.
    "Well..." he began, hoping to lighten the mood. "I brought you something." You sat back up as he took out the object.
    "I think my old... friend would want you to have this." He set the small object on the table. It looked like the music box from the locked room... Hmm, was that scary voice the puppet's?
    You picked up the music box and wound it up. It played the same tunes...
    "Thank you!" You smiled at him, your gloominess fading away. "Hey... Goldie?"
    "Everyone I like keeps going away... Please don't go away."
    You were sitting in the Cove, spending time with Foxy and your new friend, BB. Foxy finally allowed you to invite BB over to play for a little while. After noticing you started to pay all of your attention to BB, Foxy soon decided that he had made a mistake. But how could you not spend all your time talking to BB? It turns out you two had a lot in common! You were both kids (sort of, you were not yet aware he was not the average human boy), you both enjoyed games, and you were both close to a fox at some point. The fox that BB was close to was actually Foxy's grandfather, you understood. So that would make Mangle his mother. You found it sad that he and the others wouldn't visit their own parents. And according to BB, they were even fighting! You'd do anything to visit your parents, just once. Even if they only spewed out their "when I was your age" stories. Which made you wonder...
    "Hmm, BB? Who are your parents?" You glanced over to BB, full of curiosity.
    "Hmm... I don't know, I don't think I have any." He replied, seeming unaffected by the question. Another thing in common; you two didn't have any parents.
    "Oh... Mine are gone. I'm still waiting for them." You stated, looking back at the floor. "Well... wanna play a game?" You looked back up to him, quickly trying to change the subject.
    "Okay! What game?" You instantly gained his full attention.
    "How 'bout house? I can be the mommy, and you can be the daddy!" You suggested, hoping he wouldn't complain about it as much as Foxy did.
    "Ehh... sure!" The boy agreed, much to your delight. You hopped off the couch and skipped over to the toy chest, and after flipping it open, you began to select your favorite dolls.
    "Ah! Hold up! Yer not allowed t' play with dolls for a while, remember?" Foxy stopped you, hiding the smirk on his face.
    "Oh... Okay, we can just play with these stuffed animals!" You grinned, pleased for the loophole you had just found.
    "I think those still count as dolls..." His smirk only grew a little larger.
    "Okay... theeeeeen... you could be the baby!" You giggled, your statement wiping the smirk off of the smug fox's face, and earning a giggle from BB.
    And of course, the poor fox had to give in and play the role of the child. He found it ironic, he used to despise playing the father, but now, he'd kill for that role. But, of course, killing was an everyday thing for him...
    Oh, but you don't need to know that just yet.
    Once again, the golden bear appeared before the Marionette, this time in private. The tension between the two was still present.
    "What is it this time?" Gold question sternly, still peeved from their previous conversation.
    "We still have a disagreement to settle." The Marionette calmly responded, not letting his anger shake him.
    "Yes, I suppose we do..." The golden spirit sighed, turning away from the slim figure standing before him. "We both seem set in our ways... so how do you suppose we settle this?"
    "We fight for it. My generation against yours. Once one entire generation is obliterated, the remaining ones can do as they please." The Marionette smoothly proposed.
    "That sounds risky... but it seems to be the only way..." The golden bear spoke as he carefully considered. "...It appears I'll have to agree to this plan."
    "Very well. Tonight, after closing time."
    "A fight to the death?" Each of the animatronics gasped when their leader told the news.
    "Yes, and I'm counting on all of you to win. You will all be battling with your counterpart." The leaders informed their followers. "This will take place tonight, so prepare quickly."
    "Tonight? That's not enough time!" The followers exclaimed, their alarm growing bigger.
    "There isn't time to be wasting. Your goal is quite simple; remove the chip from the inside of their head." Their leaders calmly explained.
    "How is that simple?" A few questioned their leader, panic beginning to build up.
    "You may all have your own methods of doing it... just get the job done. Remember I will be fighting beside you all. Good luck." And with that, the leaders left their followers to prepare. Of course, the animatronics were shocked, a bit too shocked. That night could be the night of their end. But of course, everything has an end...
    Even you.
    You were sitting on the couch, swinging your hanging legs back and forth. You were pretty bored without Foxy keeping you company. You weren't quite sure where he was; you just knew he was somewhere with the others, discussing something important. You had to admit, even during the daytime, this entire building was a bit eerie if you were alone. The more you thought about it, the more you wanted to flee the room, even though it was against Foxy's orders.
    And after hearing the tiniest of thumps, that's exactly what you did. You didn't realize it was just Cupcake...
    You payed no attention to where you were sprinting to, you just wanted to be--how your cousin put it--outtie. But with your luck, you were brought to just about the only locked room in this run-down building. Of course, trying to open it did nothing. No matter how hard to pushed on it, it would never even budge. You slipped multiple times and continued to dirty your pretty dress for this. But before you could start complaining to yourself, you noticed the door had a rectangular window near the top. Being as you were a short kindergartener, you weren't tall enough to see through it just yet. But you were determined to see just what was in that room.
    You began hopping up into the air, trying to catch a glimpse of what might be behind the door. However, you weren't very athletic. You couldn't jump very high, and you ended up slipping and landing on your bottom.
    "Ow..." You groaned as you got back onto your feet, while attempting to dust off your dress. The creepiness of the building no longer had your attention. You were now focused on the mysterious door in front of you. You wanted so badly to get through this door, but how...?
    Hey! You had angel wings! You could fly! You left them back in the Cove, though. You began to sprint back to the Cove, but being as you never averted your eyes from that door...
    You ran right into a cold, metallic leg, which belonged to a certain pirate fox.
    "Ouch..." You rubbed your cheek before looking up at the fox's displeased face. "Uh oh."
    "Yer in big trouble..." The fox's voice was a bit deeper than normal, which frightened you. You made no retort as he dragged you back to the Cove. You were now focused on the punishment awaiting you.
    "I still think we shoulda let her in!" Strange, disfigured figures were arguing on the other side of the door you tried to look through. "Now that damn fox is takin' her away..." A blue one whined, watching the pirate fox storm off, taking you along.
    "But ki-ids aren't--bzzzzt--allow-owed in h-here!" A mangled one attempted to speak, barely being able to move.
    "What I'd like to know is why Foxy is the one to be dragging her away..." A reserved one rubbed his chin, becoming deep in thought.
    "I wonder if she likes balloons..." A small one thought aloud, paying no attention to the others bickering.
    "This is a serious situation! Now's not the time to ask dumb questions like that!" A preppy one scowled, waving a finger at the small one.
    "That's enough, all of you." A demonic voice called out, catching the figures' attention. They spun around to see a tall, masked figure towering over them.
    "Pointless squabbling will get us nowhere. I will ask Gold about the situation." The voice continued, the others not daring to interrupt.
    "Now, what did we say 'bout leavin' th' Cove?" You were sitting on the couch again, this time being lectured by your fox guardian.
     "That I'd get in trouble if I did without your permission..." You sighed, once again bored out of your little mind, this time with Foxy with you.
    "And what did ye do?"
    "I left the Cove without your permission..."
    "That's right. For punishment..." He paused, then began to search the dusty room. His eyes soon fell upon the lost-and-found, which pretty much now served as your toy chest. "No more playin' with dollies for a week."
    "Aww, but Foxy!" Your dull expression quickly twisted into an alarmed one.
    "No buts! One more complain, and ye be walkin' th' plank!" The fox ordered, seeming to regain his playful nature.
    "But I can't walk the plank! I'm already in the water because I'm a mermaid!" You grinned, attempting to start a game with him.
    Your attempt was successful.
    Back at the secretive locked room, a golden figure came into view before the masked figure.
    "Hello." The masked one greeted, his tone filled with seriousness.
    "Yes, you called?" The golden one sternly responded, even more serious than the one he stood before.
    "Yes. Just a few moments ago, a particular little girl attempted to come into this room. It was not a parent nor a guardian to pull her away... It was Foxy. We would all like to know, how did a child manage to sneak all the way to the back of the building alone, and why would Foxy be outside of the Cove at this time of day?" The masked one's tone now had a hint of suspicion.
    "Ah... Well, you see, there's been an... unfortunate mishap." Gold's harshness was soon replaced with nervousness. He would never admit it, however, not even to himself.
    "This child... witnessed several murders take place by the hands of us. You know that if one were to witness us killing, they're to be killed off, as well. But you also know that it is against the rules to ever harm a child. So... our plan is to keep her here as she ages, and once she's matured enough... we'll finish the job." Gold confessed, pushing his tension away.
    "...I see." The masked one grew quiet as he thought about the difficulty. "...That is wrong."
    "Pardon me?" Gold was taken aback, his tension once again building up.
    "That is wrong. You have kidnapped that child. And you intend to kill it. Therefore, you are harming it. That is wrong, and must be stopped." The masked one took its turn of sounding stern.
    "If we let that child back out, she'll tell. If she tells a specific person, that puts this business in danger of being shut down. And that act will most likely lead you and the others to your termination. Sure, there's a possibility of you becoming a spirit like me under the right circumstances, but you'll never be able to leave this godforsaken building!" Gold barked, losing his temper. A rare sight to see, indeed.
    "Do you honestly think they would believe just one young girl of her age? And even so, that does not justify your actions." The masked one remained calm and collected, unlike the fuming bear in front of him. "Even we have rules to follow."
    "Oh, fuck you and your rules." And with a huff, Gold vanished, leaving the others stunned.
    "Wow... I've never seen him so... impolite before..." The preppy one spoke, her eyes widened.
    "What he said didn't make sense... Why would he say that if the reason why he's doing these things is to follow the rules?" The reserved one once again pondered.
    "Being as we are leading two separate generations, we assign different rules and guidelines. Even so, we too have rules to follow. The first one; never harm a child. The second; the old dominates the new. I outrank him. He is the leader of the new generation, but until all of us have been fully dismantled, I have the final say. It seems the new ones refuse to acknowledge this. They may be rebelling. Or they may be just trying to gain power." The masked one collectedly explained to his group.
    "Well... ya never really engage in these sort of things in the first place, so..." The blue one mumbled under his breath.
    "Yeah, what's the deal? You never let us do anything, either!" The preppy one exclaimed, startling the ones near her.
    "That information is classified." The masked one's voice grew a tad louder.
    "As always." The blue one remarked, rolling his eyes.
    "Do you not appreciate what I do for you?" The masked one questioned the two.
    "Well, we're kind of falling apart here, so, uh, no, guess not!" The preppy one admitted, glaring at her leader.
    "If you must be so ungrateful, you can go join the rats outside." The masked one stated, glancing to the door.
    "...Fine, I'm sorry." The preppy one apologized as she realized what she had said.
    "Very well then..." The masked one leaned closely into the preppy one's face, "Give me your other arm."
    "What? N-no!" The preppy one backed away, a look of fright plastered upon her face.
    "Give it up or join the pathetic rats outside that door. Your choice. You know, you act like a pathetic rat at this very moment..." The masked one began to lose his cool.
    "...No!" A shrill shriek found its way out from the preppy one's mouth, and echoed throughout the room.
    And with a slick, swift swipe, off came her arm.
    If Foxy was so concerned about you leaving the Cove, why did he keep leaving you there alone? You were only 5 years old, and even you knew that wasn't a smart move! And what on earth do the others keep needing to discuss with him--something so important you couldn't come along to the meeting? Oh well, this wasn't the time to be complaining. You should be rejoicing; this was your chance to see what's through that door! After grabbing your angel wings and dusting them off, you slid them on--thank goodness the lace straps were still tied together--and went on your way. Not even a little pink cupcake could stop you now! But it could tag along... You heard the sound of soft pats against the tiled floor. Directing your gaze to the noises, you saw Cupcake hopping along beside you.
    "Cupcake, where do you think you're going? You don't need to tag along with me, don't you already know what's behind that door, anyways?"
    "Squeak squeak!" But of course, you couldn't understand Cupcakenese. Sometimes, you don't know why you even bother question it.
    Before you knew it, you were right back in front of that locked door, just waiting for someone to let it reveal the room it concealed. With a hopeful grin, you grabbed onto your wings, jumped up into the air, and attempted to fly by flapping them repeatedly. But to your dismay, your attempt failed. No matter how many times you tried, you kept failing, even falling onto the ground a few times. But you'd see what's kept in that room, one way or another.
    "Squeak squeeaak!" Cupcake squeaked to get your attention. The expression on its face seemed to fill with confusion.
    "Shush! I'm trying to look through this door." As soon as you finished speaking those words, there came a clanking noise from the door. Your head spun back to the door as a mysterious figure in the room opened it.
    "Hey! Sorry we weren't able to let you in earlier..." The figure seemed pretty friendly. Friendly enough Cupcake felt safe to bounce into the now-visible room. The figure opened the door a little wider, letting you inside. You entered the room, ignoring the sudden uneasy feeling. The first thing you spotted was Cupcake, making its way to...
    A girl without arms. There were wires coming out from her shoulders, it looked like...
    Startled, you took a few steps back, then accidentally bumped into the one who let you in this room. You turned around to see what looked like a disfigured blue rabbit with a broken ear and missing eye. He seemed to notice your terror. He began his attempts of calming you down, before you stepped away from him. You spun around and noticed two other figures. One was... a large mangle of metal hanging from the ceiling, with a damaged face similar to Foxy's. The other looked like a bear with a injured leg and a broken neck.
    "Hi!" You jumped at the sudden cheery voice from behind you. You spun around to see a boy not much taller than you, with a damaged eye.
    "Balloon?" He held out a rather deflated balloon, covered in holes and dust.
    "BB, I think she's a li'l scared..." The blue bunny set a hand on the boy's shoulder.
    "Don't be scared! See? We're friendly!" The boy held out the deflated balloon even further out to you. You reluctantly took the balloon from his hand.
    "He's right. There's no need to be afraid." The bear spoke, limping over to you.
    "Wh-What's y-y-your--bzzzt--name?" The mangled figure asked, having difficulty speaking.
    "Umm... i-it's [Y/N]." You stuttered, feeling nervous around these beings.
    "I'm--I'm--I'm--M-M-an-ang-gggg-le!" The mangled figure replied.
    "That's her nickname, that is... Anyway, my name's Chickadee!" The armless girl chirped. As you got a closer look at her, you noticed she looked somewhat similar to Chica. You realized she has a missing beak as well as her arms...
    "I'm Fred." The bear held out his hand for you to shake, which you shook. You noticed he sort of resembled Freddy. Hey, their names also sound similar...
    "My name's Bonnie!" The blue rabbit smiled at you. C'mon, he shared the same name with his look-alike!
    "And I'm BB!" The boy also smiled at you. Hmm, he didn't seem to have a counterpart. The closest one would probably be you, perhaps... But that's odd.
    A music box began to play, silencing everyone in the room. The music box sounded like it was playing Pop Goes The Weasel.
    "Uh oh, I forgot to wind it up again..." BB gulped, looking tense. You looked over to everyone else, who also appeared nervous.
    Once the music stopped, a tall, slim puppet sprang from a giant box. You hid behind BB as the puppet scanned the room. Your attempt at hiding seemed to fail, as his eyes soon fell upon you.
    "I got it..." Bonnie 2.0 rushed over to a music box and wound it up, before shoving the puppet back into his place. The music box now played an unfamiliar tune.
    "Who was that...?" You whispered, feeling uneasy once again.
    "Oh, that was our boss, the Marionette. None of us like him very much. He's mean." BB replied, turning around to face you.
    "Oh..." Your uneasiness only grew stronger. The boy in front of you seemed to pick up on this.
    "Oh, but don't worry! He can't hurt you. It's against the rules. He won't get to you. I pinky-promise!" He smiled, holding out his pinky finger. Eventually, you wrapped your pinky finger around his, accepting the promise.
    That was the beginning of new friendships.
    As well as war.
Nice. by sunchan99
So i tried drawing Gex for the first time for my Club of Codes comic and this was the result... sort of. I didn't finish it because I couldn't stop laughing while drawing it..

He's now... a snake... sock puppet thingy.

Gex- Crystal Dynamics 
    Loud banging of pots and pans echoed from the kitchen. Bonnie was alone standing on the stage, which was a rare sight to see. Freddy's whereabouts were unknown. Foxy was most likely still in his Cove with you. After you asked it to watch over the guard at night, Cupcake was usually located in the office. Chica was most likely the one making the loud noises coming from the kitchen. Bonnie stepped off the stage and quietly stepped over to the kitchen door, wondering what the ruckus was about. After slowly peeking inside, he discovered that Chica was indeed the one causing the racket. She was frantically sprinting around the kitchen, knocking around the hanging pots and pans in the process.
    “Chica!” He slightly regretted shouting that loud as he ducked to avoid being hit in the face by a flying frying pan.
    “Bonnie! I’m busy!” She continued to run around the room, continuing the commotion.
    “Chica, what are you doing? You’re causing a lot of noise…” His eyes fell upon messy chunks of meat sitting on the counter.
    “...What’cha got there?” He continued, becoming more confused the more he looked around the room, as there were chunks of meat almost everywhere.
    “The security guard.” She started packing the meat in containers and putting them into the fridge.
    “What? Why are you butchering the guard? Why don’t you dispose of them like we normally do--”
    “Don’t question me!” She raised her voice, having difficulties fitting the containers in.
    “Have you lost a bolt or something? Is this another weird order you received from Golden Freddy? It’s Golden Freddy, isn’t it?” He walked further into the room, questioning the angry animatronic.
    “Bonnie, help me out with this, I can’t get them to fit…” She ignored his questions, trying to close the refrigerator door.
    “Answer my questions first.” The purple rabbit crossed his arms, looking smug.
    “Bonnie, please, it’s almost 6!” The concerned bird begged, glancing at the clock.
    “Bonnie!” It was Chica’s turn to shout loudly.
    “...Ugh… okay…” Bonnie groaned before slamming the refrigerator door shut. “You’re welcome.” He strolled back to the stage as the clock chimed 6.
    You eagerly hopped off the couch right when the clock sounded. You’ve been up for years, it felt like. All those clanking noises from what sounded like pots and pans being beaten against each other woke you up a while ago. But that just gave you extra time to find a present to give to your really close friend. Careful not to alert Foxy, you quietly tiptoed over to the lost-and-found treasure chest. After cautiously flipping it open, you began to dig around in the various trinkets the box held. Sadly, none of them seemed suitable as a gift. With a huff, you flipped the chest back closed, which made a noise much louder than you meant.
    “Oops!” You began to scurry back to the couch before Foxy came to investigate, but you were too late.
    “[Y/N]? What’re ye doin’ up this early?” The fox questioned, tilting his head.
    “I’m trying to find a present for someone!” You grinned, hoping he wouldn’t mind.
    “Oh? For who?” He returned the grin, slightly hoping it might be him.
    “For… someone I like!” You darted past the red fox, hoping he wouldn’t continue any further.
    “Someone ye like? But ye like a lot o’ people!” He turned around to face you.
    “Yeah, but this one’s different!” You argued, running by him again.
    “How so?” When he turned around this time, he lifted you off the ground.
    “This one I’m gonna marry!”
    “...Mhm…” He held back a laugh as he slowly put you back down on the ground.
    “Why’re you smiling?” You asked, looking up at him.
    “It’s just… young love. So beautiful…” The fox fibbed, wiping an imaginary tear from his eye.
    “Oh. Well, can you help me? I want to give him something to tell him, but I dunno what.”
    “Well, o’ course! But ye gotta tell me who it is, first!”
    “Oh, um… It’s Freddy.” You played with your hair as you hid your face, looking at the ground.
    “Gasp! Freddy? Freddy Fazbear? How could you be in love with him? I thought you loved me! We were raising a doll!” He dramatically threw his head back and covered his eyes with his arm.
    “Oh relax, that’s just a game…” You rolled your eyes, growing tired of his playful tendencies.
    “Alright, well,” He pushed his jokes aside, “What's somethin' that Freddy really loves?”
    “Hmm... Me, I hope.” You pointed a finger to yourself.
    “...Other than that?”
    "Umm... singing!"
    "Maybe ye should sing to him?"
    "Hmm... nah, too cheesy."
    "Okay, then what's another thing?"
    During his break, Bonnie decided to check up on the butchered security guard, hoping he wouldn't be cooked into a pizza. Peeking into the kitchen, he noticed the containers from earlier were sitting on the counters, empty. His eyes darted to the chefs, who were all using the meat as toppings.
    "Cannibalism!" He whimpered, debating whether he should stop the chefs or not.
    "Oh, Bonnie!" Multiple voices called out for him, distracting him from his thoughts. He glanced to the group of kids waiting for him, and back to the chefs, one making their way to the door. He then bolted away from the door to the group of waiting kids, hoping he wasn't seen by the chef. As he began entertaining, he decided he should probably keep an eye on those pizzas...
    You were sitting on the floor, working on the card sat in front of you. You decided you'd simply make something from scratch, and a card sounded the easiest. As you cut the paper into a heart, you waited for Foxy to bring you the crayons and other things. They hand out paper like candy, you were lucky he found the scissors for you...
    "I found the crayons..." He entered the room and sat the crayons in front of you. "And the glue... and glitter..." He added the glue and glitter to your crayon collection.
    "Wow, I didn't think those were allowed here!"
    "They're not. A kid brought 'em in, so... I had t' sneak before anybody else saw."
    "Aw, you stole for me? Foxy, you're the greatest!" You jumped up and hugged him, and received a sluggish hug back.
    "So, tell me..." The red fox began as you sat back down and continued to work on the card, "Why do ye like him so much?"
    "Because, he's like... the giantest teddy bear in the world!" You waved you arms in the air, earning a chuckle from the worn fox.
    "Plus, his nose honks." You added on, beginning to color the card with a bright red crayon.
    The fox's chuckle amplified into a giggle fit.
    Bonnie was on stage playing his guitar when the human-topped pizzas were finally served. He knew he couldn't stop mid-performance, so he stood helplessly as he watched the customers were served their own kind. He knew how this would end, and it wouldn't be pretty...
    "Wow, this pizza is amazing!" He overheard one of the now-cannibalistic customers.
    "Y'know, this just might be the best pizza I've ever had!" Praised another one.
    "Huh, their pizza usually sucks... Cool, they finally changed their recipe!" Indeed, they did change their recipe... hopefully unknowingly.
    So, maybe it didn't end like Bonnie thought.
    It ended worse.
    Much worse.
    "I think I see why Golden Freddy hates the humans so much now... did you hear the ones that ate the security guard?" Bonnie chatted with Freddy and Chica as they walked down the hallway.
    "Well, they obviously didn't know... I'm sure if they knew, they would've spit it right out." Chica replied, waving it off like it was no big deal.
    "Ahooooooy!" Foxy slid out from the Cove in front of the group, startling them.
    "Foxy, what are you doing?" Chica asked with an annoyed tone in her voice.
    "[Y/N] would like t' speak with, what she called, 'the giantest teddy bear in the world.'" The tattered fox looked at the fluffy bear, while the two standing behind the bear exchanged chuckles.
    You were sitting at a table looking at the decorated card in front of you when the group entered the Cove. When you heard their metallic footsteps, you turned around to face them. Your face was filled with glee once your eyes fell upon Freddy. You grabbed the card and ran up to him, starting to feel nervous. Before you could even think about backing out, you held out the card to him, which he soon took.
    "She worked on that all day for ye..." The fox spoke as the three examined the card. They understood the message the moment they saw the heart shape.
    "Thank you." You received a warm, gentle smile from the bear.
    "[Y/N] and Freddy, sitting in a tree~ K-I-S-S-I-N-G~" Bonnie teasingly sang, resulting in you hiding your face. Your giggles were audible, however.
    Golden Freddy's weren't.
Animatronic To Be (Chapter 8: Special Treats)
Okay so...  Valentine's Day comes right after Friday the 13th, so I decided to write a special for it. :D I also wanted to clear up a thing or two really quick... 1. No, the reader and Freddy aren't official. It's just a little childish crush she has, there'll be nothing more. 2. Just in case you're confused; Golden Freddy was laughing, but quietly. He was just meant to be hidden in the background.

FNAF- Scott Cawthon 
(Had to repost, so..)

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