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  Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria held an eerie, unsettling atmosphere after closing hours, especially to a young child such as yourself. The rumbling of machinery echoed throughout the cold, empty building, sending chills down your tiny spine. You scurried into Pirate's Cove and hurriedly climbed onto the stage, your sense of danger slightly decreasing the closer you got to the backstage. You rushed past Foxy and quickly shot through the door, making your way towards the couch. You hopped onto it and hid under your blanket, hoping you'd fall asleep before the nighttime security guard arrived. You would always hear their screams of terror every night, so you knew something dangerous might be roaming the building, at least during the night. That was most likely why you weren't allowed to wander around after he was in the building. But what you couldn't understand was why you couldn't wander around freely when full of other people, either. You spent almost all your time with Foxy while hiding in Pirate's Cove, only being allowed to leave to use the bathroom, or eat when the animatronics couldn't sneak food to you. Only after the clock struck nine and before twelve were you allowed to roam freely-- well, almost freely. You still had to be quiet due to the janitor and manager still present. You spend most of this time with Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy. Whenever you questioned them why you weren't allowed to let others see you, the answer would almost always be different.
    "You're too pretty to be seen," or "We're all playing hide-and-seek," sometimes even the dull "Because I said so," or the "Because you just can't right now." But everytime, they'd add on that one day, you'd finally be able to, so you asked often.
    "We'll tell you when you can" was your answer tonight. And with that, you were sent off to the Cove. How boring. Oh well, the only thing you can do for now is try to get to sleep before the guard arrives, or at least before he starts his screaming and crying. Hopefully they won't wake you like they've been doing for the past week.
    You finally dozed off to sleep when the clock chimed 12. The guard entered the building and quickly made his way to his office, in the same manner as you when you rushed to your hiding spot. Once there, he plopped down into his chair and picked up his camera tablet, quickly checking on the killer animal robots.
    They hadn't moved an inch.
    He checked Pirate's Cove, hoping there wouldn't be a certain pirate fox staring back into the camera.
    The curtains were still closed.
    The guard sighed in temporary relief as he set down the tablet. Maybe they'd be going easy on him tonight. He certainly hoped so. He hated the way they'd stare at him though the windows with those black, soulless eyes, the expressions on their faces screaming out how much they want to strangle him, rip his limbs off, tear out his insides...
    You shot up from the couch, being awakened by the pain-filled scream of a man, who you assumed was the guard. His screams of agony... you couldn't stand them. Terrified, you started to cry. Why was he screaming? Would he be okay? Would the animal friends of yours be okay? Were any of them getting hurt? Would you be hurt, too?
    Foxy entered the room as the guard's screams slowly began to quiet down. He sat down next to you on the couch and pulled you into his lap. You looked up at him, tears rolling down your face.
    "Everything's alright, lass..." The fox cooed as he began stroking your hair.
    "I'm scared... can you sing to me?" You spoke quietly, wiping the tears from your eyes. The fox lowered his head and sighed. This had already happened four times this week. But there didn't seem to be any quicker way to calm you.
    "Dum de dum dum dum..."
    You rested your head on his chest, listening to his singing that was drowning out the cries of the troubled security guard. You thought about how your time living here was turning out so far. Even though you weren't allowed to really be outside of the Cove very much, you still enjoyed living with the animals. Even if it's only been a week, you considered them to be your family now.
    Even though you spent most of your time with Foxy, Freddy was the papa bear. He was wise and strict, yet loving and playful. You didn't remember your real dad, but Mike told stories about him, and freddy best fit his description.
    Bonnie became the big brother. He always acted cool and laid-back. He would tease and mess around with you, but never to a great extent. Whenever trouble hit, he was right by your side, helping or protecting you. Your real brother Mike was the same way.
    Chica was the big sister. She was sweet, cheerful, and bubbly, but she has her sassy and hysterical moments, like when you first moved in. Mitchie was like that, too.
    Foxy was the uncle. Protective like a father, a jokester like a brother, but can be caring like both. You only met him a few times, but your uncle Jeremy seemed like this as well.
    You weren't so sure about Gold just yet, as you only spoke to him once, but for now, he'd be the cousin. He was mysterious yet sweet, and around you he was always smiling, much like your cousin Scott.
    You even sort of had a family pet. Cupcake, the item that Chica often carries around, was actually alive like the others. It couldn't communicate like they could, but it could make squeaks. It could also move around by hopping forward. When the animatronics were too busy, it would come and comfort you when you were scared at night. It would also often visit you in the daytime when it wasn't with Chica.
    The screaming finally died down, and you were fast asleep in Foxy's arms. He carefully layed you back down onto the couch and covered you with the blanket. He watched over you a minute longer, then quietly left the room to check on the guard, which was most likely dead.
    When you woke up the next morning, the pizzeria was already opened to the public. But strangely, Foxy was missing from his cove. You wandered out of Pirate's Cove, deciding to search for him. When you entered the main dining hall, you noticed the others were also missing from their stage. But you also noticed your two friends from school, Dottie and Jasper. Grinning, you silently stolled over behind them and tapped their shoulders. Their eyes widened once they turned around to see you.
    "[Y/N]?!" They exclaimed a bit too loud for your liking.
    "Shh!" You covered their mouths, hoping no one heard them. Once you were sure you were safe, you slowly removed your hands from their mouths. But once you did, you received nothing but non-stop questions.
    "[Y/N]? Where have you been? You haven't been to school at all this week, are you okay? Were you sick? Why--"
    "Shush! Be quiet, I'm not supposed to be out here right now, I'll get in trouble if I'm caught!" You waved your hands in front of their faces, trying to silence them.
    "...You're breaking the rules again?" Dottie asked, sending you a cold glare.
    "Can you two keep a secret?" You asked quietly, ignoring Dottie's question and glare. They exchanged glances, then gave you a gentle nod.
    "First, promise me you won't tell anyone. Not even your parents. Pinky-swear." You held out your pinkies, which were almost instantly wrapped around theirs.
    "Okay... well... I live here now!" You chirped.
    "You what?" Their eyes widened once again, this time their jaws dropped.
    "Yep! I won a contest at the lock-in! The winner got to move in with the animals, and I was the winner! But for some reason, I'm not allowed to be around other people for a while, so I won't be at school. But once I'm allowed, I'll come visit you! I promise." You smiled at them, still receiving their looks of shock.
    "Dottie, Jasper, it's time to go!" A woman called out, catching the two's attention.
    "Gotta go, bye!" They waved and quickly ran off, too quick for you to remind them not to tell a single soul about your secret.
    "Oh well..." You were about to turn around to continue your search, right when you noticed another familliar figure. He was sitting at a table, leaning over with his head hung low. He sounded like he was crying. You slowly approached the man to get a closer look. You soon realized it was your brother Mike. You were about to run up to his table, until another man-- who you quickly identified as your cousin Scott-- sat next to him and put a hand on his shoulder to comfort him.
    "Mike... it's okay. We'll find them. I just got a job here, only as a waiter for now, but... I'll get to the bottom of this. I promise." Scott smiled to him gently.
    "...Thank you." Mike looked up to his smiling face, wiping his tears away.
    You started to run up to him again, but right before you entered into their sight, you were yanked away by a rough grip. You were then picked up and was quickly taken out of the main dining hall. Before you could say anything, you were already backstage at the Cove, and was sat down onto the couch, in front of an angry Foxy.
    "Wow, what a run..." You said to yourself, remembering how long it usually takes to get to the main dining hall from Pirate's Cove.
    "What were ye doin'?" Foxy asked you sternly, ignoring your remark.
    "Looking for you! When I woke up, you were gone!" You answered, becoming afraid of how he was acting all of a sudden.
    "But we said not t' go out there until we said ye could! Ye should've waited!" He raised his voice, resulting in you cowering.
    "S-sorry..." You stuttered, starting to tear up.
    "It's fine.." He sighed, rubbing his forehead. "Just... don't go back out unless we say you can, okay?"
    "But I saw Mi--"
    "...Okay..." You sighed and looked down to the floor. It'll be forever until you get to see the light of day again.
    If you ever will.
You were woken up by the sounds of swishing and the loud chatter of men. You slowly stood up and quietly walked onto the stage, your vision slightly blurry. After rubbing your eyes a few times, you noticed Foxy standing at the edge of the stage, peeking out of the curtains.
    "What's going on?" You ran up to him, making more noise than he'd like.
    "Shh!" He looked down to you, gesturing to be quiet. He looked back out of the curtains, holding them open a bit wider for you to see. You curiously poked your head out of the curtains to see the cause of the noises. The staff was in cleaning the sauce from the floor, walls, and tables. Everyone from the lock-in was already gone, including your sister.
    "Ugh, who keeps killing people in this place? Cleaning up their messes gets tiring after a while." A man spoke, scrubbing the walls.
    "I don't know... it's a little fishy. Do you think it might be the animatronics?" Another asked, mopping the floor.
    "Oh c'mon, don't be ridiculous!" The first angrily threw his rag into a bucket, causing dirtied water to splash onto the floor.
    "Well, it might explain why the boss wants us to clean up the evidence instead of contacting the police..." The second mopped up the water that splashed from the bucket.
    "...Unless he's the one killing all of these people! I mean, how would the animatronics kill anyone? Sing them to death?" The first jumped up, nearly knocking over the water bucket entirely.
    "Those robots are more capable of doing those things than you think. Haven't you heard of the Bite of '87?" A third joined, wiping the table.
    "Bite of '87?" The first two looked over to the third, the second halting his work.
    "That's how Foxy got put out of order all those years ago! He--"
    You were lifted from the floor and pulled away from the curtains.
    "Ye don't need t' hear that..." Foxy whispered, taking you back to the backstage.
    "But I wanna know what happened!" You protested, being sat down on the couch you slept on.
    "I'll... tell ye later." He sat down next to you and pat your head.
    "Pwease?" You pouted, trying to look cute.
    "Well... I was put out o' order 'cause..." He looked around the room nervously, while you looked up at him with great interest.
    "I was just too awesome!" He jumped up and struck a pose. You sighed and rolled your eyes, knowing he wasn't telling the truth. You decided you'd just stop trying to get him to tell you. Perhaps you could get the others to tell you later.
    "So... now what?" You asked, swinging your legs back and forth. You weren't quite tall enough for your feet to touch the floor while you were sitting in certain chairs or couches just yet.
    "Hmm..." The pirate fox sat back down and thought. "Well... the staff's out right now... an' probably will for a while... so anything ye want, as long as we stay in 'ere, okay?" He smiled at you, hoping you wouldn't protest. They couldn't exactly have you roaming the pizzeria when people would be looking for you, so he had to keep you hidden for a while. Just until the whole lock-in murders craze thing died down and the public didn't really care anymore.
    You nodded and looked around the room, and soon noticed a shelf of Foxy heads.
    "I could dress up as you!" You stood up and ran over to them.
    "I don't think that's such a good idea..." He stood up, about to pull you away.
    "How come?" You asked, trying to pick one up.
    "'Cause... they... smell! Ye don't wanna smell, do ye?"
    "Oh." You stopped and walked back over to the couch. They were too heavy, anyway.
    You continued looking. Your eyes fell upon a large treasure chest. You walked over to it and read the words "Lost and Found" written on the top. You flipped the top open--luckily it didn't need a key--and looked inside. There were mainly small toys inside; like dolls, stuffed animals, and plastic things. But there were also more adult-like items; like phones, make-up cases, and jewelry.
    "I know what we could do!" You bent over and started collecting the contents in your arms, almost falling into the chest. Foxy pulled you back and set you back on your feet. He then noticed the things you were carrying, which were a few of the make-up cases, dolls, and a plastic tea set.
    "Oh boy..." He sighed, dreading the very near future you'd soon be putting him through.
    "Arr, stop pokin' me in the eye with that... thing!"
    "Stay still and I won't!"
    "I am still!"
    Putting eye liner and mascara on someone was a pain, you discovered. Putting on lipstick and blush was a breeze, you thought eye make-up would be just as easy! But Captain Foxy decided to prove that wrong... Nah, he's just a sissy, you thought. Maybe you should've went first.
    Frantic, hysterical people have filled the pizzeria, looking for their loved ones that happened to attend the lock-in that dreadful night, and never returned. The animatronics continued their performances as usual as the staff attempted to calm the rowdy crowd. But the crowd only grew louder once told about the filed missing person reports. In that aggressive crowd was a man looking for his two younger sisters. The animatronics recognized him as Mike Schmidt, your older brother. They observed his behavior and actions, keeping an eye on him. He seemed to act just like the others; anxious, distressed, troubled, and just plain miserable.
    That was why they killed.
    It was a very pleasing thing... to Gold. They were under Gold's control. He was very hateful towards humans. He despised humans. They were terrible beings who only used them for entertainment. And if they messed up only once, they'd be thrown out, only used for spare parts, if ever used again at all. He was what remained after an endoskeleton and suit was completely destroyed. No one knew how that worked, but Foxy almost ended up the same way. That's when Gold became their leader. That's when they started killing. That's when they became what they are now.
    Cold, heartless killers.
    The animatronics finished their performance and looked around the room, looking for Gold. He was soon spotted near the exit, enjoying the crowd's despair. Sighing, Bonnie put down his guitar and hopped off of the stage.
    "I'm gonna go check on Foxy... since, well... the only kid in this building is with him..." Bonnie turned back to Chica and Freddy, walking towards the hall.
    "I guess we'll tag along." Chica and Freddy quietly walked off the stage and quickly caught up with Bonnie.
    Once they arrived at Pirate's Cove, they pulled the curtains back, revealing you and Foxy, covered in make-up, sitting on a blanket on the floor, having a tea party with the dolls. Neither of you seemed to notice them, as you two continued on with the tea party. It took them their best not to laugh as they witnessed it take place.
"Oh, thank you! You're too kind!" It got a bit harder for them after hearing Foxy's failed British accent in a high-pitched voice. But they eventually lost it, making you two finally notice them watching you.
    "Guys!" You smiled, then jumped up and ran over to them, as Foxy covered his face, trying to hide the fact that he was wearing make-up.
    "What are you two up to?" Bonnie asked, still giggling a little.
    "We're having a tea party! Wanna join?" Your smile grew wider as you looked at all three.
    "Umm... sure! We're not really busy!" Chica chirped, Bonnie and Freddy nodding in agreement.
    "Yay! Oh, you have to put some of this on first, though..." You picked up and showed the make-up cases and waved them around.
    Their laughter became silent.
    "Okay..." They sighed as they climbed onto the stage and sat down, allowing you to put it on them. After you finished, it was Foxy's turn to laugh.
    "Ye look like clowns!" Foxy howled, wiping a tear of oil from his eye.
    "Oh, shut it, you dumb fox..." Bonnie mumbled, frowning at him.
    The animatronics weren't as happy about it as you wished, but the tea party continued. It lasted quite a long time, until a staff member came in, looking for the animatronics. You were again left alone with Foxy as the other three animatronics were sent back onto their stage...
    "What on earth happened to them?"
    ...Still covered in make-up. Oops. Ah, but don't worry...
    You'll be paying for that in a few years.
  "How did a kid get in here, and why are they sitting on a corpse?"
    "I dunno! I just saw 'em climb into their jacket and sort of... hid, I guess."
    "But how did they get in here?"
    You watched in confusion as Chica and the pirate fox argued. The fox was pretty scary, but you thought you might be safe with the other three with you. But Chica was being scary right now, too. Why was she so upset? Was it because you broke the rules? Would they tell on you? Would they punish you themselves? It made you even more scared the more you thought about it. You didn't feel safe, not a tiny bit.
    "When did she get in, was it after the guards were killed?"
    "Again, I dunno! I was too busy dealin' with these here!"
    "Hey now, you can't just say that in front of a kid..." Bonnie interrupted, pointing towards you.
    "Well, what are we gonna do? She's seen way too much, we can't just let her back out!" He was completely ignored.
    "Oh, but ye can't just kill 'er, Chica!" The fox cried, wrapping his arms around you. Their argument began growing louder and louder, and the fox being that close to you made you uncomfortable. You frowned and started to tear up. The fox seemed to notice this, and pulled you even closer to him, not realizing he was one of the reasons why you were about to cry.
    "We've gotta get rid of her somehow!"
    "But she's just a kid! Ye can't harm a kid like that!"
    This was the point where you started crying completely, catching the attention of all four of the animals. Bonnie immediately scooped you up into his arms and stroked your hair, trying to calm you down.
    "See, ye made 'er cry!"
    "No, that was your fault."
    "How was it my fault? Yer the one talkin' about killin' 'er!"
    "Alright, that's enough." Freddy finally spoke, standing between Chica and the fox. "We'll have to let Gold decide what to do about this situation." The animals glanced at each other, then looked over to you, the girl drowsily wiping her tears away. They received a look in return, one that held different emotions. Fear, regret, sleepiness, and most of all, confusion.
    You were scared. They didn't seem too happy about you being here. They seemed terribly upset.
    You were regretful. You should have never left that table. In fact, you should have never left home. If you stayed home, your friends wouldn't be upset, and you'd be safe, sleeping in your warm bed, dreaming innocent, childish dreams.
    You were exhausted. It was hours past your bedtime, and you've done quite a bit of running around. The adrenaline that was set in earlier didn't help, either.
    And mostly, you were confused. Why were they so upset? What did they mean by killing you? Who was Gold? Why were they staring at you? What was going on?
    Oh, you just wanted to go home. Mike would scold you for sneaking out with Mitchie, but you didn't care. You just wanted to be safe and rest. But the closest you'd get to feeling safe would be where you were right now, being held and comforted by a close friend. You rested your tired head on Bonnie's shoulder and began to fall asleep. He brushed your [H/C] hair away from your face and rested his head on yours. He finally looked up from you to the others once he was sure you were asleep.
    "Okay. Let's go."
    The animatronics entered the back stage, looking around for Golden Freddy, or just simply Gold for short. Bonnie was still carrying you in his arms, holding you closely.
    "Um... Goldie...? We need to talk to you about something..." Chica called out, looking worried. Gold instantly appeared in front of the group, looking at the one who called him. She pointed her head towards Bonnie, her worried expression still plastered on her face. The golden bear then looked over to the purple rabbit, and quickly noticed that he was carrying something.
    "We found her sitting on top of one of the bodies..." Bonnie slightly pulled you away from himself, letting Gold get a better look of you.
    Gold observed your small, still body, and frowned.
    "How unfortunate..." His soft voice echoed through the room.
    "Chica says to kill 'er, but I say no way! But Freddy 'ere says to let ye decide..." The fox glanced at both Chica and Freddy as he spoke.
    "I see." Gold studied your sleeping figure, thinking of a plan. Once he finally made his decision, he looked back up to the four.
    "Well, the child has seen a bit too much... And of course we can't just let her back out on the streets..." Bonnie and the fox frowned at his words.
    "However, she is too young to simply kill off. Killing children would go against our rules. The only thing left to do is keep her here and continue raising her ourselves. Once she's grown enough, we'll kill her off then."
    "...What?" The four were stunned. Four animatronics raising a child, when they could barely take care of one just for a day?
    "Wait, we can't raise a kid!" Chica spoke a little too loudly, looking even more worried.
    "Why not? You deal with kids every day, don't you?"
    "Yes, but actually raising one would be even more complicated! There's more to raising one than just looking after one for a day! What if the staff finds out? What if--"
    "Chica, calm down. You're going to wake her if you speak any louder." He interrupted, pointing to the girl stirring in her sleep.
    "Relax, I'll be helping you all with this. Besides, a few years isn't so long, is it?"
    "...Yes, actually..."
    "...Right. Well, I'll be on my way--"
    "Hm...?" You opened your eyes and groggily looked over to the one speaking, who looked exactly like Freddy, except... golden. They all seemed to notice your awakening, and that you were looking at the golden bear.
    "Hello. I'm Golden Freddy. But you can call me Gold." He smiled, tipping his hat to you. You didn't make a single sound or move a single muscle as you studied the gold bear.
    "May I ask for you name?" He asked, trying to break the awkward silence, still smiling.
    "...[Y/N]." You replied quietly, feeling shy.
    "[Y/N]... That's a pretty name. It suits you." His smile widened once you smiled back at him. "How old are you, sweetheart?"
    "I'm five..." You giggled and hid your face in Bonnie's chest.
    "Aww, don't be shy~" Bonnie stroked your hair. You turned your head back to Gold, but quickly hid again after he winked at you. After turning your head back the second time, he was gone.
    "Eh?" You confusedly looked around the room for him. "Where'd he go?"
    "You'll see him again tomorrow," Bonnie replied, walking into the hallway with the other three following him.
    "But I'll be leaving early in the morning, won't I? Will he be here in time?" The four suddenly stopped walking. Bonnie quickly tried thinking of how to respond as the other three looked at you with a saddened expression.
    "Uh... well... um..." Bonnie stammered, eventually turning to the other three for help.
    "You're... gonna live with us now!" Chica answered cheerfully. Your eyes widened in shock. You're gonna live with them? Was that why they were freaking out earlier?
    "Heh? Wait, how come?" You looked at them, baffled.
    "Uhh... well, the lock-in..." Chica started, looking over to Freddy and the fox.
    "Was actually a contest..." Freddy continued, then looked at the fox.
    "...An' the last person awake gets t' move in with us! Yer the winner! See? Everyone's... sleepin'...!" The fox pointed to the bodies lying lifeless on the floor.
    "...Oh! Cool! But does my sis get to move in, too? And my brother, even though he doesn't really like this place?"
    "Um... no, I'm sorry. We... don't really make the rules..." Bonnie patted your head, hoping you wouldn't start crying.
    "Oh... will I still be able to see them?"
    "...One day!" This was mostly a lie. Your sister was dead, and unless your brother comes into the pizzeria before then, you'd be dead. But you didn't know that.
    "Okay! I'll wait on them like mom and dad! They went away when I was a baby, so I don't remember them, but they'll still be back."
    The four exchanged sad looks, then finally continued walking.
    Once they reached Pirate's Cove, Bonnie gave you over to the fox. You were still a bit afraid of him. Sure, he seemed dorky and hilarious, but...
    "Goodnight, guys!" The three waved to you as he took you into his cove.
    ...You didn't really know him very well. You didn't even know his name. You looked up at his face as he climbed onto the stage, humming a tune to himself.
    "...Mr. Fox?"
    "Hm?" He stopped humming and looked down to you.
    "What's your name?"
    "...Oh, that's right, I never introduced me self!" He quickly put you down on the floor and pulled out his wooden sword, pointing it up towards the ceiling.
    "I am Captain Foxy, sailor o' the seven seas!" He ran around the stage, swinging his sword around. Only when we finished his painfully long and loud introduction did he realize you were laying on the floor, fast asleep. Chuckling, he picked you up and walked through the doorway that led to his backstage, and laid you down on an old couch after removing the wings from your costume. He started humming again as he covered you with a blanket. He moved back to his stage right after the clock chimed 12.
Goodnight, angel.
Don't let the fox bite.
    You were standing in front of the mirror, trying to put on the wings that came with your angel costume. And of course, with no one helping you, you struggled quite a bit. The straps kept untying, and you could barely get them to tie without ruining the straps entirely. They were made of lace, after all. You learned lace was very delicate and fragile after accidentally ruining a dress of your mother's. Mitchie said it was a very special dress to your mom when she was still around. Mike said your mom went away with your dad one day when you were still a baby. You didn't really remember them that much, but you still waited for them to come back. For now, the closest you had to parents were Mike and Mitchie. Speaking of Mike and Mitchie...
    "What'cha doin' there, li'l bit?" Mike walked into the room, Mitchie following.
    "Um..." You looked to Mitchie, who was giving you a 'don't tell' look.
    "Um, I'm just trying on my costume!" You fibbed. You were actually getting ready for the lock-in.
    "It's gonna get dirty, y'know..." He said, tying the straps together after pulling them around your arms, attatching the wings.
    "Thank you!" You smiled at him, then ran out of the room, straight to the front door. Mitchie bit her lip, worried that you just gave the secret away. Mike turned to her and smirked.
    "W-what is it?" Mitchie asked, stuttering just a tad.
    "Yeah... I already know what you're doing. You're sneaking her in with you." Mike crossed his arms, still smirking. Mitchie froze in fear.
    "It's against the rules... but I suppose I can let it slide, just this once. Just be careful, okay?"
Mitchie sighed in relief. "Thanks, I will!" She hugged him, both unknowing that this would be her last time ever seeing him.

    You were sitting in the back seat of the car Mitchie was driving. She said she was going to pick up a few of her friends that wanted to come as well, so you might arrive a little bit late. You were disappointed that you'd lose a little bit of time of being with your friends, and a little scared of being around her friends. Even though you've actually met a few of them, you didn't exactly know them still. But you had no choice, and they probably weren't that bad, anyway.
    Eventually, the car came to a stop. You were parked in the driveway of Mitchie's boyfriend, Daniel. The emo-looking teen opened the passenger-side door and slumped into the seat. The car started moving as he put on his seatbelt.
    "Hey, you're not wearing a costume..." You quietly pointed out.
    "Huh?" The boy turned around, looking a bit surprised. You guessed he didn't notice you after he got in.
    "That's [Y/N]. I'm sneaking her in with us. Mitchie explained, not taking her eyes off the road.
    "...Oh! Well... you're too young to go in without sneaking." He playfully stuck his tongue out.
    You and Daniel goofed around with each other the entire car ride. You became friends very quickly. He was actually really funny and playful. He also actually still payed attention to you when you rambled on about your animal friends. He also told off Vicky, one of Mitchie's friends, after she told you to shut up about them. But luckily for Vicky and the others (Lucy, Trent, and Suzie), your rambling was cut short by the car parking at its destination.
    "Yay! We're here, we're here, we're here!" However, it only caused your excitement to grow even greater.
    "Shush! They'll hear you!" Mitchie pointed to the guards standing beside the front door.
    "Oh, sorry... hmm... so how do I sneak in?" You looked at Mitchie with your head tilted. You were then picked up by Daniel and was held against his chest, and then covered by his jacket. As they were walking in, you peeked outside of the jacket. You looked at one of the guards, who was looking directly at you. You quickly covered yourself with the jacket again, even though you were pretty sure it would do no good if he already saw you. But strangely, he didn't come after you. Weren't you breaking the rules? Didn't he see you? Hm, maybe he didn't care. Good. If he cared, then you'd be in trouble.
    Daniel took the jacket off of you and put you down. You straightened out your costume, then looked around the room. It was darker than usual, but of course some of the lights were still on. But they were the flickering ones. And just what you were wanting, there were no other kids around. However, there were a lot of teens crowding the place. Oh well. Better than kids. You pushed past a few of them, making your way towards the stage.
    "Hey, where are the animatronics? Shouldn't they be on the stage?" You overheard a teen boy dressed as a skeleton ask. Once you got to the stage, you noticed that they were indeed missing.
    "W-w-where a-are they...?" You looked around the room, starting to cry. The skeleton boy seemed to notice this, then started to panic. He looked to one of his friends, who just gave him a 'calm the kid down' look. Hesitating a little, he kneeled down in front of you and moved a lock of [H/C] hair away from your face.
    "Hey, kid, don't cry, I'm sure they're here somewhere! Um... me and my buddies'll go look for them, okay?" He wiped a tear from your face as you nodded.
    "Okay..." He stood up and looked at his friends, which were glaring at him. "Let's go." They left the room and began the search. After calming yourself down a bit, you looked back at the empty stage. Every stage needed a performer, right? And it's empty. No one's on it. There wasn't any music playing from anywhere else, just the sound of chatty teens and loud arcade games. Those were boring (and to some, annoying) sounds. So... why not help out with the entertainment? You climbed onto the stage, careful not to dirty or rip your dress. You made your way to the center, exactly where Freddy stands when he performs. You cleared your throat, catching the attention of a few, including a frantic Mitchie. Oops. You weren't supposed to wander off from them. Oh well, she's found you now. You took a deep breath, and started to sing.
    "She's resplendent, so confident
    La Seine, La Seine, La Seine~"
The more you sang, the more attention you gained. Most were smiling, thinking it was cute. Others were confused. Why was there a little kid singing on the stage? And then there was an angry Mitchie. We'll just ignore her for now.
    "I realize, I'm hypnotized
    La Seine, La Seine, La Seine~"
Mitchie furiously stomped towards the stage. Right before she climbed on, she was pulled back by Daniel, letting you continue.
    "I hear the moon singing a tune
    La Seine, La Seine, La Seine~
    Is she devine, is it the wine?
    La Seine, La Seine, La Seine~
    I don't know, don't know, so don't ask me why
    It's how we are, the Seine and I~
    I don't know, don't know, so don't ask me why
    It's how we are, the Seine and I~"
You finished your performance bowing. The ones that were watching you gave a round of applause. You smiled at them, them carefully climbed off the stage, being approached by the angry big sis.
    "What were you doing?!" She took your hand with a rough grip.
    "Singing the angel song!" You smiled, trying to hide your fear.
    "Didn't I tell you to stay close to me?!"
    "Yes..." Your smile slowly disappeared.
    "And what did you do?!"
    "I wandered off..." You looked at the ground, avoiding your sister's piercing glare.
    "After I told you not to." She sighed, calming down just a tiny bit.
    "I'm sorry." You may or may not have fibbed there.
    "Just don't do it again, okay?" She smiled at you. You nodded while smiling back.
    After being scolded, you and Mitchie found her group of friends, who were sitting at a table.
    "Hi." You sat down, smiling shyly.
    "Hi~" Lucy giggled.
    "You were pretty good up there." Trent smiled at you.
    "Thank you." You looked around nervously.
    "I didn't really think so..." You heard Vicky mumble under her breath. You decided you didn't really care about Vicky. If you were older, you would call her a bitch. But for now, you'll just ignore her.
    You sat there quietly, listening to all of their conversations. You started to hear screaming from the back of the building. You assumed it was just a bunch of loud teens being rowdy. You tried to ignore them, but for some reason, they were heard to ignore. But once a very loud argument broke out between Suzie and Trent, it was rather easy. But you didn't want to be in the middle of a nasty argument, so you looked around the room, looking for something to do instead. You noticed the crowd thinned out quite a bit. So, after getting Mitchie's permission, you went to the arcade.
    As you played the games, the screaming worsened. Again, you tried your best to ignore them, but it kept getting harder and harder. Eventually, you got sick of it, so you decided to ask Mitchie about it. Once you stepped out of the arcade, you noticed Mitchie and her friends were gone. You looked around the room and realized that everyone was gone.
    Except for a tall, dark shadow slowly heading to the kitchen.
    Holding your breath, you slowly and quietly crawled under a table, not taking your eyes off the mysterious figure. Once the figure made its way into the kitchen, you let out the breath you were holding and crawled out from under the table.
    As you were bolting towards the hall, you looked back to the kitchen, which still has its door open. Turning your head back, you only had enough time to realize you were heading straight for a table set. The chair you ran into was knocked against the table, making a loud, sharp noise. You grabbed onto the chair before falling backwards. You yelped as you fell onto the hard, dirty floor, the chair landing on top of you. These noises were obviously loud enough to catch the figure's attention. As you pushed the chair off of yourself, the figure popped it's head out of the door to see who or what was causing this ruckus. Noticing this, you quickly lied back onto the floor, hoping it didn't see you. The figure just shook its head and went back to what it was doing. You stood back up and started running again, this time more carefully. Once you entered the hallway, you were hit by a disgusting, metallic smell. You made a turn into the supply closet, where some of the people were laying on the ground, covered in... something red. You assumed they just had a hardcore food fight with pizza, then decided to go to sleep. Screaming and throwing things can really tire someone out, you knew. You found the skeleton boy and his friends, but you didn't see Mitchie or hers. You then ran out of the closet, but slipped on the 'sauce' once you made it out of the door.
    "Aww, man..." You sighed, looking down at your costume as you stood up. You already had dirt on it, now you have pizza sauce on it! Oh well... it'll probably wash out.
    You speed-walked down the hall, careful not to fall again. You turned and went into the girls' bathroom. More people covered in 'sauce', but no Mitchie. You checked the office. No Mitchie. You checked the boys' bathroom. No Mitchie. You checked all the rooms, except the ones you saw shady figures in, the ones that were locked, and Pirate's Cove, the one place you were scared of entering. But you didn't really have a choice. Slowly walking into the room, you checked the face of everyone you walked past. Right when you were about to lose hope, you found them. They were laying in a puddle and was covered by a liquidy, runny 'pizza sauce.'
    "Mitchie, Mitchie, wake up!" You tried shaking her awake. But no matter how hard you shook, she'd never wake up.
    She was dead. They were all dead.
But this young, innocent angel didn't know about death yet. She understood that people "go away" of course, but she doesn't quite know where they go when they do.
    You see, young angel, people don't just "go away", they die. When people die, their body shuts down. They stop moving, they stop breathing, they stop everything they were doing, and begin decaying. You know what skeletons are? That is what's left of you. But there's nothing to worry about. This is completely natural! Think of it as traveling. There are many ways to travel. Walk, car, plane, boat, train, many ways! The same is for death. Old age, disease, certain substances, being ripped to shreds, many ways. But you must learn that this is something everyone goes through. Nothing lasts forever. Not even you. But don't worry, you have a long time before your time is up! There's nothing really to worry about right now. For now, let's snap back to reality.
    You tried your best to wake everyone up, but even your best efforts weren't good enough. You sighed in defeat. You were about to find a safer, cleaner place to sleep, until you heard the curtains shuffle. You turned to the curtains, only to see a pair of golden eyes peeking out from behind them. This was the thing you were scared of. You ran over to Daniel, unzipped his jacket, climbed in (while he was still wearing it), and zipped it back up, trying to hide the best you could.
    Daniel's body felt a bit cold. You also couldn't hear his heartbeat. But you could hear footsteps come toward you. You tried your best not to move, but your poor little body was trembling with terror. The closer the footsteps got, the more you shook. Eventually, the footsteps stopped right next to you. You soon heard the zipper being pulled down revealing your body. You slowly turned around, just to see a fox with golden eyes and a broken jaw. He had a deep cut on his chest, revealing a metal spine. In fact, he had a lot of cuts on his body that revealed metal. And his teeth looked rather sharp. He raised one of his arms, which had a hook instead of a hand. Overall, he just looked plain scary to you. What do kids do when approached by something scary? They scream. And that's exactly what you did.
    "No, no! Lass, it's okay!" The pirate fox spoke, trying to calm you down. Three certain animals them came running in, also covered in "sauce", to see why a child was screaming. Their eyes immediately fell upon you, a little girl dressed as an angel, covered in blood, sitting on a corpse.
    They're all wondering why.
Animatronic To Be (Chapter 3: Locked In)
Chapter 3, where eeeeeeverything went downhill~
FNAF- Scott Cawthon
(Song: 'La Seine' from the movie 'A Monster in Paris')
   You were sitting on the couch in the living room, waiting for your older sister Michelle (or as you called her, Mitchie, or sometimes simply Sissy) to come home. Mike said she'd be late today. And late she was. It was already starting to get dark outside, and there wasn't a single sign of her.
    'Maybe I won't get to see my animal friends today...' You thought sadly, pulling out a Bonnie plushie from your backpack. If you ask Mike, he'd most likely say no, and Mitchie wouldn't be here to talk him into going, like she usually does. Your bedtime was soon, and if she doesn't come home in time, you'd be sent to bed, without going anywhere.
    'Although, it never hurts to try...'
    Right before you called for Mike, the front door opened.
    "Sissy!" You shot up and ran towards her, giving her a tight hug.
    "Hi, [Y/N]." She giggled, returning the hug after dropping her bag onto the floor.
    "Where were you? What took you so long? I waited for forever! It was so boring! It's getting dark now, too!" You pulled away from the hug, whining.
    "Sorry, I was... with a few friends." She picked up her bag and headed towards her room.
    "Mitchie, wait!" You quickly ran over to her and tugged on her shirt.
    "Hm?" She halted, then looked down onto your small figure.
     "Caaan..." You started quietly, playing with your shirt. "Can we... go to Freddy's...?" You shyly looked down to the floor, not noticing Mike enter the room.
    "Freddy's? But you've already been there twice this week!" Mike walked up to you, crossing his arms.
    "C'mon, Mike... it isn't that far away, we can just take a quick trip!" Mitchie smiled at him, picking you up.
    "I guess..." Mike sighed, picking up the car keys. "I don't see what's so great about that place. It's just a crappy restaurant with creepy ro--"
    "Shush!" Mitchie glared at him as she ran out the front door, holding you carefully. Mike groaned, following her at a slower, less energetic pace.
    "We're here, we're here!" You shouted excitedly, running into the music-filled building, being hit by the smell of warm, fresh pizza.
    "There they are!" You pointed to the three tall and colorful figures performing on the stage at the other end of the room. You looked back at your siblings, who were slowly making their way towards you, trying to avoid bumping into the kids running around frantically.
    "Can I go talk to them once they finish?" You asked them, with a hopeful smile.
    "Yeah, just don't give them any trouble, okay?" Mitchie replied, sitting down at a table with Mike.
    "Okay!" You ran in front of the stage and sat down, then watched their performance. Their music did sound a little weird, you hated to admit, but you still liked listening to them.
    Once their performance finally ended, they walked off the stage to talk to the guests. Freddy went over to kids who were having a birthday party, Chica talked to some of the parents, and Bonnie was with the kids that surrounded him once he got off the stage. Since he was the nearest one to you, you decided to try to talk to him, once you managed to get his attention. But with a whole crowd of noisy kids around him, that might be a hard thing to do. But, once again, it never hurts to try. You stood up and went straight into the crowd and called out for him.
    "Bonnie!" You called out, getting no results.
    "Bonnie!" You called a little bit louder, cupping your hands around your mouth. Still no results. You didn't want to get in trouble, so you decided not to actually yell at him.
    "Bonnie! Look! Here!" You waved your hands in the air, which still didn't get his attention.
    "Boooonnnniiieeee~" You started jumping up and down. Still nothing. Frustrated, you kept jumping while holding your arms out towards him, opening and closing your hands repeatedly, something your sis called grabby hands. And finally, he seemed to notice you.
    "Bonnie!" You stopped jumping, but still kept holding your arms out to him.
    "Oh hey, [Y/N]!" He smiled, picking you up. You smiled and hugged onto the soft, fuzzy rabbit. It felt nice to be able to hug him. But sadly, you couldn't hug him forever. He eventually put you back down, a lot sooner than you'd like. But you knew he had other kids to hug and talk to, so you were about to go to another animal friend, and maybe even get another calming hug, until your brother called you over to the table for pizza. You sat down at the table and started to eat your pizza. Pizza for dinner was a nice thing, too. You looked over to Mitchie, who was looking at some sort of paper or flyer for something.
    "Hey, cool! They're having a lock-in!"
    "A what?" You and Mike both asked, looking at her confused.
    "A lock-in! It's where you're locked in the pizzeria all night! It's from nine P.M. to six A.M.!"
    "Why would you want to be locked in this place all night?" Mike asked, taking another bite of his pizza.
    "I don't really know why... It just sounds cool, I guess. It's for ages thirteen to eighteen." She put the paper on the table and leaned down to you. "We can still find a way to sneak you in." She whispered, smiling at you. You nodded and smiled back. It sounded fun.
    "What do they even have lock-ins for? I still don't get it." Mike gave her another confused look.
    "It says it's a halloween special for this time... ooh, we can wear our costumes!" She replied, looking at the flyer again. "It's this Saturday! Can I go? Pleeeeaaaase?"
    "Uhh... sure, I guess." Mike shrugged.
    "Yes!" Mitchie cheered, throwing her hands into the air.
    The next day at school, you couldn't stop smiling. You could finally be with your animal friends, without any other kids getting in your way like yesterday. And you get to dress up in a costume! And you thought you saw somewhere on the flyer that there was free candy! It was gonna be fun! You couldn't wait for Saturday.
    You walked into your classroom and took your seat, waiting for the teacher to arrive. You looked at the board and saw the date written on it. It was Friday. Which means the lock-in is tomorrow! It was much closer than you thought! You squeed with excitement, catching the attention of your friend Dottie.
    "What're you so excited for?" She asked, tilting her head.
    "There's gonna be a lock-in thingy at Freddy's tomorrow!" You replied, smiling as wide as you could.
    "Yeah, and? Isn't that only for teenagers?"
    "I'm sneaking in with my big sis tomorrow!" You whisper-yelled. Dottie's eyes widened in surprise, and her jaw dropped.
    "You can't do that! You're not allowed! You're breaking the rules again!" You only replied in a shrug.
    "I'm gonna tell the teacher when she gets here!" She crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out.
    "If you do, I'll tell her you're the one that keeps stealing her things from her purse when she isn't looking." You too crossed your arms and stuck out your tongue.
    "...Fine. I won't tell." She looked away angrily. "I'll still tell Jasper though, so nyeh."
    After school, Mitchie took you shopping for your Halloween costume. She already had hers picked out; a witch. You were flying down the aisles, looking at all of the costumes they had. But nothing really caught your attention. It was the same ol' costumes they have every year. All of the ones you did like weren't in your size. Once you got to the end of the aisle, you stood still, waiting for Mitchie to catch up. You turned around, and saw a pair of pretty, white angel wings. You looked at it in awe. You then looked at the dress that came with it. It wasn't as pretty as the wings, but it was still pretty enough. Eventually, Mitchie caught up with you.
    "So, did you find what costume you wanted, squirt?"
    "Can I be the angel?"


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