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     A small kindergartener hurriedly climbed onto the hot and smelly school bus. She sprinted past other kids on-board and quickly took her seat next to a window, smiling in victory.
    "Hey, no fair! You cheated!" Another young girl plopped down next to her, whining.
    "Nuh-uh! I beat you fair-and-square!" The first girl replied, crossing her arms.
    "You ran! Running is against the rules! You broke the rules!"
    "That's not what you said yesterday, Dottie..." A boy sat down next to the fussy girl.
    "Huh? What do you mean?" Dottie furrowed her brows, looking at the boy. "I'm not a rule breaker, I never broke rules! You're a liar, Jasper! A big liar!"

The girl chuckled and looked out the window, while the other two argued. She often felt a bit left out or unnoticed in her small group of friends at school, but she didn't mind. She had an older brother and sister at home that cared for and noticed her often.
Plus, she had another group of friends somewhere else. The friendly animals that lived at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria.
There was Freddy, a large and cuddly bear. Then there was Bonnie, a cool rocker bunny with a guitar. And then there was Chica, a happy, bubbly chicken that often gets mistaken for a duck.
There was also a few times she thought she saw a fox peeking from behind the curtains in Pirates Cove, but no one else ever seemed to notice him, and she was too scared to go see on her own.
She still cared about Dottie and Jasper, of course, but the animals were cooler. (She sort of had a small, innocent crush on one of them, anyway.)

After what seemed like forever, the bus finally closed its doors and started moving. The girl smiled in delight as she watched the school grow more and more distant. She was tired of school. She was ready to play with her siblings, and possibly her animal friends.

That girl was you. That girl's name is [Y/N].

After the bus reached her stop, she ran off the bus and into her yard. She ran a little faster once she noticed her brother sitting on the porch.
    "Hi, Mike!" She ran onto the porch and hugged her brother tightly.
    "Hey, [Y/N]." He smiled, hugging her back.

...She was [Y/N] Schmidt.
Animatronic To Be (Chapter 1: Meet Little [Y/N])
(FNAF x Child!Reader) Young [Y/N] witnesses the murder of her sister and other teens after being locked in with them in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. The animatronics discover this, and decide to continue raising her their own, believing she has seen too much, but is still too young to kill off. But once she's old enough, they'll finally finish the job and kill her off. But that isn't really going to happen, is it?</span>

Sorry this was sort of written for girls... if you want, you can replace the pronouns with your current ones. And I'm not sure how violent this will get, so please read with caution. I'm not sure how often this will be updated, either.

FNAF- Scott Cawthon
FNAF- Beauty and the Beast by sunchan99
FNAF- Beauty and the Beast
So FNAF is slowly taking over my life... so I drew two of the characters, Chica and Foxy. As Belle and the Beast. Idk I thought it would be cute -shrugs- I might color it if people like it enough. Well, hope you like it!
it was a nightmare to draw omg

Chica and Foxy/Five Nights at Freddy's- Scott Cawthon
Belle and the Beast/Beauty and the Beast- Disney


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